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Desire Lines, Lasauvage July 2022, performer: Mau Cugat


Desire Lines is a collaborative project based on exchange between the creative team, local artists, and residents. We create (inter)national connections, exploring new paths and old, discovering through them intertwining narratives of self and space. By examining how landscape and architecture nurture our imaginations and help us define ourselves, we expand our potential perspectives: we foster greater understanding within our communities and in relation to our surroundings and their history.

The was first developed as part of Esch2022, European Capital of Culture, by Ampersand Variations Collective.

Artistic direction & Concept: Claire Thill

Development of the audiowalks: Frieda Gerson, Clio Van Aerde, Chris Reitz, Alisa Oleva, Daliah Kentges, Lucie Ribeiro, Emre Sevendik, Laetitia Lang

Desire Lines, performance in Lasauvage, 30th July 2022

Desire Lines x Acoustic Picnics, performance in Dudelange, 10th August 2022

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