They Call Me Nina... by InTransit Theatre

devised from material by Catriona Kerridge, Claire Thill, Nell Ranney and Valeria Escandon,

 written by Catriona Kerridge

directed by Nell Ranney

performed by Claire Thill, Valeria Escandon and Yushimi

British Institute of Culture (Lima, Peru)

The Play

Nina is Peruvian, she lives in flat 243 (officially the unluckiest house number in the UK).  Her neighbour Ali speaks a completely different language and is the opposite to Nina in every way. But you don't get to choose your neighbours, and in this dark comedy Nina and Ali are forced to face the world together.

Inspired by El Nino and La Nina, the fierce Peruvian weather phenomenon that causes simultaneous storms and droughts across the planet.


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