Footnotes takes the audience on an unusual journey, not just a simple walk but a collective cry for protest. More than just a stroll through the feminist movements, this piece explores our questions, research, and sense of responsibility as women in a world where the battle for equality is not yet won. With a hard look at our own privileges, we deconstruct our doubts and ideas about the boxes we live in, whether they be visible or invisible, impossible to bear or deceptively comfortable. With a lot of humour and absurdity. 


Written by: Claire Thill in collaboration with the ensemble French Translation: Jean Bürlesk Director: Jenny Beacraft Movement director and assistant director: Catherine Elsen Costume and Set Designer: Peggy Wurth Sound Designer and Composer: Emre Sevindik Video: Lisa Kohl Production Manager: Jill Christophe
Cast: Frédérique Colling, Damian Diaz, Stephany Ortega, Elsa Rauchs, Claire Thill
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